This service caters for people who do not wish to receive unsolicited marketing calls to their home telephone number. Responsible businesses who use the telephone as a marketing tool subscribe to the Do Not Call list to ensure they do not call any number on that list.


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What is the Do Not Call list?
For several years the Do Not Call service has been run by the Marketing Association to help decrease the number of unwanted, unsolicited phone calls consumers receive from organisations. It is a free service offered to New Zealand householders.

The Marketing Association does not hold, rent or sell lists containing names, addresses or phone numbers of householders in New Zealand. If you ask a company/organisation where they got your number from and they say it was from the Marketing Association, this is a mistake and we would like to hear about it so we can talk to them about subscribing to the Do Not Call list.

NB : This service does not extend to businesses.

Why you need to be on a list to get off lists?
Responsible marketers intending to telephone consumers with a view to selling their services or products do not want to bother people who have said they don't wish to receive such offers.

These marketers regularly receive an updated copy of the Marketing Association's Do Not Call list. They match the names and phone numbers on any list they intend to use against the names and phone numbers on the Do Not Call list to ensure that they do not contact those people.

What you need to know about being on the Do Not Call list?
By being listed on the Do Not Call list you should notice a decrease in the volume of unsolicited calls. However, the Marketing Association cannot guarantee to stop all phone calls because not every company subscribes to the service, nor can calls from overseas be controlled or stopped.

Please note that it will not affect communications from organisations such as your bank, insurance company, or any other organisation with whom you have an existing relationship.

Why do you still get calls when your number is unlisted?
Telecom does not rent or sell unlisted numbers. Some companies use an automated dialing system that sequentially calls batches of phone numbers, which is the most likely reason your unlisted number would be called. The Marketing Association does not regard this as a best-practice method of communication.

How to get your details entered on the Do Not Call list
To get your name placed on the Do Not Call list fill in the request Do Not Call form

What about other household members?
Other people in your household may also wish to be added to the Do Not Call list to assist with further reducing calls to your home. They simply need to register their own details by any of the above options listed.

What if you change your telephone number?
You can list new details if your phone number changes or if you add another telephone line.

Calls to home fax numbers
There are very few companies in New Zealand sending out broadcast faxes. The quickest way to get your number removed from their lists is to send a reply fax asking that your number be removed from any list or lists they hold. A written request is far more effective than simply telephoning them. Please note adding your fax number on to the Do Not Call list will not stop you receiving unsolicited faxes.

New Zealand Marketing Association Do Not Call Service
Tel : 0800 222 332